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Joëlle Segers

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Joëlle has always been fascinated by the movement and dedicated most of her career to bringing harmony and fluidity to the daily movements of her patients.

Dance, which she taught for more than 25 years, played a pivotal role in her career as a physiotherapist. Her love of dance and movement drove her to create the BALANCE dance prevention, evaluation and healing program. This program was widely used in the Ottawa-Gatineau region and was recognized and presented at national and international events related to dance medicine.


The BALANCE program offers an effective and original range of care and prevention of injuries related to muscular and skeletal system imbalances, bad posture or bad motor patterns during usual movements or sports. This program initially intended for students and dance professionals was founded in 1993 by Joëlle Segers. It is now expanded to include people with scoliosis, to athletes of all levels and to the general public. It's when your classic physiotherapy, chiropractic or osteopathic treatment ends that Joëlle will take over to bring you to the maximum of your physical abilities. She will detect abnormal movements in daily life such as lameness or apprehension to movement. She will guide you through her technique of personalized exercises to optimize your performance and your movements in general. She will improve movements specific to your physical activities whatever your level of training.




Individual and group classes
Instructor training on Pilates equipment

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The Pilates technique was created by Joseph Pilates a hundred years ago and is enjoying a new popularity among the public. It is a holistic method of conditioning the body and the mind.


Participants focus on strengthening the deep muscles of stabilization and on the quality of movement through exercises on the ground or using specialized equipment. These exercises provide overall physical conditioning including strength training, stretching, body awareness and coordination. It has been scientifically proven that the Pilates method is effective for improving posture and body stability.


Pilates exercises can be modified to make them safe and beneficial under the supervision of a physiotherapist with

certified Pilates instructor training.


Personalized and specialized care

Joëlle Segers obtained a bachelor's degree in kinesitherapy from the Université Libre de Bruxelles in 1981. It was only the first stage of her journey towards a better understanding of the human body and movement. She worked for several years in orthopedic clinics, in home care and in hospitals. Joëlle continued her postgraduate studies by deepening her knowledge of the analysis and schematization of the movement: she studied the postural chains of Mrs. Mézières, the techniques of neurological rehabilitation of Bobath. She followed various courses of manual therapies, fitness and treatment of muscular and postural imbalances such as those associated with scoliosis. She continues to attend training courses on a regular basis to continue to expand her knowledge and enhance her role as a movement therapist and physiotherapist. Her Canadian and European professional training has allowed her to develop a unique treatment technique that addresses patient health with an overall vision according to their lifestyle and their motor patterns. Her physiotherapy treatments include techniques of manual therapies but especially of movement therapy, Pilates and postural rehabilitation. 

Instructeur de conditionnement physique

Movement Therapy

Enhance your performances

Doctor with Computer

Schedule and availibilities


Physiotherapy - Pilates and movement therapy

Monday to Thursday

Saturday (on request)

See contact for appointment and information

Physio-Pilates class

12 participants- sessions of 8 weeks- (Receipt for insurance)

Registration and info, see contact

New session Monday and Thursday starting October 2022


Pilates group classes ( for members)

Friday  from 11:30am to 12:30pm 

Registration, see contact

Teacher training on Pilates equipments (in French)

Summer session starting July 2022

Registration, see contact


Qigong classes (open to everyone)         

Friday 9:30am to 11am  

Registration, see contact

              NEW .



72 Jean-Proulx, #1 Gatineau Québec, 



72 Jean-Proulx Gatineau, Québec


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