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Child physiotherapy

Personalized and specialized care


Joëlle Segers obtained a bachelor's degree in kinesitherapy from the Université Libre de Bruxelles in 1981. It was only the first stage of her journey towards a better understanding of the human body and movement. Joëlle began her career as a kinesitherapist in Belgium. She worked for several years in orthopedic clinics, in home care and in hospitals.


Joëlle continued her postgraduate studies by deepening her knowledge of the analysis and schematization of the movement: she studied the postural chains of Mrs. Mézières, the techniques of neurological rehabilitation of Bobath. She followed various courses of manual therapies, fitness and treatment of muscular and postural imbalances such as those associated with scoliosis. She is still taking regular training courses to continue to deepen her knowledge and enhance her role as a movement therapist and physiotherapist.


Her Canadian and European professional training has allowed her to develop a unique treatment technique that addresses the patient's health with a global vision based on their lifestyle and their motor patterns. Her physiotherapy treatments include techniques of manual therapies but especially of movement therapy and global postural rehabilitation. Whether in individual or group sessions, Joëlle will always focus on the cause of your injuries or dysfunctions by giving you the necessary attention to get your complete healing.


She has also been a Certified Pilates Instructor (Floor and Equipment) since 2004 (Polestar - Ann McMillan Pilates) and a Certified Advanced Personal Trainer (Can-fit Pro). Her holistic approach and her confidence in our self-healing ability made her turn to Chinese Traditional Medicine and especially to Qigong which she studied in different forms (Daoist, Hunan, Shaolin). She teaches Pilates classes, guided a Qigong practice group for several years, and teaches the Retrofit for Women 65+ class.


Between 1999 and 2018, Joëlle was co-owner of the Motion Matters Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic in Ottawa. Since 2019 Joelle is happy to treat you on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River. She now offers physiotherapy, myofascial treatments and movement therapy  at the Gophysio Clinic.  


Joëlle is a role model for her colleagues and her patients, both professionally and ethically, as well as her contagious energy and creativity.


After more than 30 years of experience, Joëlle remains passionate about her job and it is with a real pleasure that she juggles between physiotherapy, teaching and many physical activities.

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